Make Our Low Brass Great Again!

We are working to replace the Dynasty baritones in our hornline. They are old, worn, and HEAVY. In some cases, the silver finish is worn away exposing the brass metal underneath. In the hot sun, the sweat from our members combines with the metal to cause rashes on their skin! It's not pleasant.

An example of some of our worst Dynasty baritones in need of replacement.

Can you help us replace the line? Our goal is to purchase 5 new/slight-used King 1127SP baritones. Each costs between $1200 and $1700. Use the PayPal link below to donate any amount you wish. Do you have a horn to donate or wish to purchase one outright? Contact us at to make arrangements with our Director. Your donation could be tax deductible! Help us make our low brass great again!

One of the new horns that just arrived!