Volunteering for Southwind is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.  Our members love our volunteers and appreciate their time and effort. Your help is extremely valuable to our operations.

If you can help, please fill out this FORM to be entered in our database.

YOU can help us in many different ways...

Kitchen Team

Do you enjoy cooking? Do enjoy the sight of 100 hungry folks devouring your meals with giant smiles on their faces? Then you should volunteer for our Cook Crew. Even you if can't cook, we need help shopping, cleaning, making menus, cleaning, and more!

Uniform/Sewing Team

All of our uniforms will need modifications prior to our first performance. If you have sewing skills, we need your help! Can't sew? No problem. We need help organizing, washing, and maintaining our uniforms to keep them in perfect shape.  Plus, there's the satisfaction of seeing the Corps take the field in your work.


Do you have serious organizational skills? We need your help! A drum corps is a multi-faceted organization with multiple levels of clerical work, member files, inventory, and more! Keeping it all straight and where we need it is a major challenge.


Performing across the country means moving members, equipment, and staff in buses, tractor trailers, vans, and more. If you have a CDL and experience driving large vehicles, your help is needed. Passenger endorsements are needed for driving our buses. Don't have a CDL? NO problem. We have a fleet of support vans and trucks that we use for moving staff and even for grocery shopping. Sign up and help us out this summer or for camps.


Why does a drum corps need someone with carpentry skills? You would be surprised.  We need to build shelving in our equipment and kitchen trailers, prop stands, and more. Having someone with the "know-how"  is important to get our projects completed.


Our equipment trailers need stairs, metal stands, and shelving. If you have metal work experience then we need you on our team.


Our equipment and soon-to-be kitchen trailers require plumbing and electrical systems. If you have the knowledge to help us with designing, planning, and/or building such systems, please let us know. Even basic knowledge will help us save time and do the job correctly.


MONEY MONEY MONEY and grant writing is one way we can pay the bills. Grant writing is an art and if you're a grant writing artist, then you should help us. Our organization is situated in an ideal position. We are a performing arts organization helping to education kids. In addition, we promote physical fitness, hard work, citizenship, and education; all goals that promote the development of future members of our society.


We are a public organization. That means we need to communicate our activites to our local community, regional interests, and fans of drum corps across the nation. If you have social media skills, can write press releases, or create professional documents we need to spread our message. If you have artistic skills or experience using Photoshop, Illustrator, or others, you can help build our promotional materials, banners, and flyers.


We use our web presence to advertise and inform the public and potential members of our organization. We also need coders to develop online database systems. If you can help, then you would be working closing with our communications and design team.


In activity such as this, we see a lot of injuries ranging from sunburns, pull muscles, and more. Our members need your help. If you have time to dedicate to a few days of our summer camps or tour, then please contact us.

Something else we overlooked? Even people to run errands helps us save time and we would love for you to help.